Monday, August 18, 2008

Independence Day Alarm

Someone asked me this morning what’s that one thing that I would like to ignore this Independence Day.

Well, I would like to get rid of that alarm tone on my cell phone that pricks my dream balloons every morning and wakes me up. No matter it’s the sun or rain outside, the irksome alarm will start buzzing near my ear sharp at 6 am. I start pushing the snooze button and try to knot the broken strings of my dream but alas! Just when its time to tie the knot, ten minutes is over and the alarm is back.

This independence day I want to have the freedom to sleep. Sleep as long as I want. Dream as much I can. Time will roll on like the aisle and let my dreams grow on both sides. Grow like the green grass, thorny like the wild flowers. Thorns that the alarm rather dares to touch.

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