Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to go back!

Time to go back.

It started with a lot of anticipation. Some happened, some didn’t. A few were manipulated and rest was destined. There were days when many came to support. Yet sometimes I walked alone miles after miles….
It was beautiful, it was ugly, it was harsh and it was fantasy. It continued, it hung, it overwhelmed and crashed.
I forgot to count because I was always bad with numbers. My numbers kept dangling from the branches as I moved on. There were crossroads, there were failures. But there was hardly any time to sit back and repent
. It kept rolling in lightning speed as I had to run to keep the pace.

But I cherished every single day, every tiny moment. It was fast but never lost. It all accumulated inside me. They grew with me day by day. They became my reason for being.

Today I am going back but this cannot be the end. It always starts over and over again. It reminds me the day I came in with a promise to go back. Today I keep my promise and take the vow to come back again!

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