Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wilds of Life!

Singapore is green! That’s the first thing I noticed about it. But as I go closer to the picture I realize that this green is not just beautiful but well tamed. This green is not wild as the green in India.

This reminds me of an adventurous Philippino friend who once told me that she doesn’t feel excited about visiting Singapore. She said it’s absolutely no fun when you know that you are walking down the bustling streets and nobody will dare to snatch your purse. Everything is so controlled, including your anxieties.

Well there are always two sides of a coin. Being an Indian I value the safety and security threads so well maintained by the Singapore government. Kudos to them! However the evolution of life demands bitter experiences too. The curve of life should be a mishmash of humps and smoothies. That’s how you learn to reflect upon things. That’s the way I want to live it. I mean oceans are meant to have waves. That’s its raison d’ĂȘtre.

Therefore albeit I love Singapore I still miss the wilderness of India.

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